Welcome to GEL!


About GEL
The Global Experiential Learning (GEL) under the Diversity & Inclusion department, integrates travel, education, and service learning to empower students with knowledge and skill-sets to utilize as they continue their careers at UA and beyond. GEL actively seeks to provide a valuable holistic student experience in the form of short term trips both domestic and abroad. Themes of interdisciplinary learning through civic engagement, cultural immersion, environmental justice, and social equity are explored through GEL programming.

The GEL Model

GEL programs seeks to target multiple student populations by addressing issues which may hinder student involvement in traditional study abroad programs. Although all interested students are encouraged to apply, these programs are especially designed to accommodate underrepresented student populations and those navigating first time travel abroad. GEL aims to:

  • Provide short term domestic and international programs aligning with university holidays as not to interfere with student degree completion.
  • Keep costs low by providing short trips, scholarships, and additional funding.
  • Award up to 1 credit as a result of program participation.
  • Present robust resources and support with preparing for travel abroad.

Here is a small recap of what Global Experiential Learning students experienced during our winter study abroad program Southeast Asia 2019-2020