Parents and Families

Information for Parents and Families

Your student has decided to study abroad. Congratulations! We hope this experience will be fulfilling, life-changing and transformative for them. Thank you for supporting your student, not only through the planning and participation process, but also when your student returns from a study abroad experience. Global Experiential Learning (GEL) strives to provide students with the knowledge, skills and tools that foster success, and studying abroad can be an integral part of that personal and academic growth process.

Throughout a study abroad experience, the safety, health and well-being of our students are our highest priorities. Our GEL team are available to offer advice, before, during and after programs. We offer an informative pre-departure orientation, medical insurance coverage through UA, and emergency response protocol. When a student arrives at a program destination, the student may experience stress and a period of adjustment related to being in a new and different location. The UA Study Abroad Office website offers tips on how you can support your student through what can be both a challenging and exciting time.

UA parents are encouraged to communicate with their students about the study abroad experience, to use the resources available on our website and to contact the Global Experiential Learning Office directly if you have any questions or concerns.

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